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Meet Our Insurance Defense Attorneys

Our diverse team has extensive experience with workers’ compensation claims, liability litigation, and mediation. And although they have no shortage of accolades, what really makes our attorneys excellent is their balance of tenaciousness, approachability, and dedication to our clients. Explore our team below to find an attorney perfect for your claim.

Lawrence M. Baker

Johnnie W. Baxley, III

Michael W. Burkett

Allison Molony Carter

Langdon Cheves III

E. Kenneth Coble

J. Gabriel Coggiola

J. Kevin Couch

Anne Ross Culbreath

Christopher J. Culp

Rylee Dillard

David D. DuRant

Ashley E. Earnhart

J.P. Ferguson

Justin Christopher Few

B. Trapper Freeman

Ian C. Gohean

Kristy G. Goldberg

V. Hannah Green-Holloway

Adam P. Greene

Lee Gremillion

Jason A. Griggs

Franklin D. Guerrero

Candace G. Hindersman

Scott R. Holder

Sarah Sutusky Hood

Lydia Davis Hosting

Christopher T. Hourihan

Sarah K. Johnson

Jeffrey S. Jones

Alexandra S. Kensinger

Evan B. King

Dana Maurizio Klingener

Emily C. Kraper

Dana M. Leonard

J. South Lewis, II

Mary Kate Littlejohn

William H. Lyon

Andrew J. MacLeod

Alexander T. Maslow

S. LeAnne McCormack

Samuel C. McGlothin

Amy E. McLaren

Matthew E. Meany

Tamara A. Merdach

George T. Miars

Dequan D. Miller

William J. Naglich

Amanda E. Neely

Anne Veatch Noonan

J. Nathan Ozmint

Amy C. Pagani

Willie J. Peters

Andrew N. Price

Benjamin M. Renfrow

Morgan D. Ricci

John Patrick Riordan

Lynnley D. Ross

Sarah A. Shahid

Wilson S. Sheldon

Wesley J. Shull

Andrew T. Smith

Paula F. Smith

Zachary M. Smith

Carley R. Starnes

W. Strat Stavrou, Jr.

Alexa M. Tattersall

G. Troy Thames

Tracy Welsh Tiddy

Charles F. Turner, Jr.

L. Brenn Watson

D. Alan Westerlund, Jr.

Harold J. Willson, Jr

Angela D. Zachary