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Workers’ Compensation Defense

Prepared to pursue a targeted litigation/resolution strategy for each claim

At our core, we resolve workers’ compensation claims. Our team works closely with clients to craft a targeted litigation/resolution strategy for each claim, and we do everything in our power to pursue that resolution with gusto.

We recognize the most efficient resolution will vary from claim to claim. We do not provide a cookie-cutter defense where we treat every claim the same, and we do not perform endless discovery and engage in endless litigation with no effort towards resolution. Instead, our approach is to resolve workers’ compensation claims in the most efficient manner possible to help achieve your desired result.

Whether your claim requires extensive discovery and litigation, needs to be settled with minimal legal expense, or needs to be appealed, our workers’ compensation attorneys will formulate a strategy unique to your needs.

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What to Expect

From WJCB’s Workers’ Compensation Defense Team



Our workers’ compensation defense attorneys never wait to be told what to do. We aggressively pursue resolution and are highly proactive regarding discovery, litigation, and settlement. We provide the necessary information and reporting even before our clients need it and always strive to exceed client expectations.



We provide responsive representation to all of our clients, and we take pride in the close working relationships we have developed over time. We understand all clients must appropriately plan and reserve for outstanding claims, and we provide timely information to ensure our clients meet those obligations.



We are business partners with our clients. Many of our clients have been with the firm for nearly two decades. These long-standing business relationships exist because we understand the economic realities faced by our clients. As a result, we work hard to resolve claims successfully and quickly, at the lowest possible cost but with the highest level of professional representation.


Commitment to Education

We believe in the importance of education. The more a client understands about its claim and the workers’ compensation claim process, the more empowered it is to succeed. We offer training and continuing education to all clients through on-site seminars, webinars, updates on changes in the law, and telephone consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the selection of medical providers in a workers’ compensation case occur?

The process of selecting medical providers varies from state to state.

  • Generally in North and South Carolina, the carrier selects the medical provider from whom the claimant will receive treatment.
  • In Georgia, the employer is required to post a panel of physicians the injured employee can select from for treatment.

Our workers’ compensation defense attorneys have experience in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and they can assist you in navigating the specific requirements in your state to select the best physician for your circumstances. Find an attorney to help you today.

Can I still work with WJCB if the firm doesn’t have an office in my city?

Yes. We have established our office locations strategically to provide comprehensive geographic support in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Please contact any of our offices or attorneys regarding which office would best serve your needs.

How can WJCB help reduce my legal expenses?

We work with our clients to set reasonable expectations on each claim. We draw on our experience to provide accurate initial evaluations and opinions of compensability. We collaborate with clients to make reasonable decisions on how to proceed in each claim. We always work to resolve claims quickly so our clients do not incur excessive legal fees.

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If you’re looking for an insurance defense firm that will save you headaches and won’t provide a cookie-cutter defense, we have the right attorney for your company.

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