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by: Ashley Kirkham

COLUMBIA, SC- Important Information About the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission’s eCase System and Forms Filing

If you are new to SC Workers’ Compensation Claims, you need the following information to help you avoid paying fines.  eCase is the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission’s database for all claims. It lists all forms filed and all motions and hearings scheduled.  Adjusters who handle South Carolina claims should register to access eCase. This will show the adjuster what forms have been submitted, approved, and rejected so the adjuster can avoid fines for late submission of any required forms.  See Carrier Guide to eCase: SCWCC eCase status portal Carrier and TPA REGISTERED USER GUIDE

SCWCC Forms:

Carrier Forms | Workers’ Compensation Commission (

Directions on Email Submission of Forms: Letter Head (

The SCWCC File:

An SCWCC file is created because:

  1. A 12A was filed by the carrier.  This is required when there is $2,500 or more paid in medicals, any lost time from work, or the claim is denied.
  2. A Form 50 hearing request or claim notice was filed by the Claimant
  3. Any other form was filed by either party

When an SCWCC file is created, if a 12A has not been filed, the SCWCC will notify the carrier that a 12A must be filed within 14 days of the notice. If it is not filed timely, the carrier will be fined.

Once an SCWCC file is created, Form 18 is due to the SCWCC on the date of accident anniversary and the six-month date of accident anniversary. If the Form 18 is not filed timely, the carrier will be fined. EX: DOA 7/3/23, Form 18 would be due 1/3 and 7/3 yearly until the SCWCC file is closed.

The SCWCC file can only be closed with a Form 19 filing or Order from a Commissioner. The SCWCC can reject a Form 19 if it is not properly filed, so it is recommended that the adjuster not close their file until they have confirmation that the SCWCC file is closed. For a Form 19 to be properly submitted, the starting and stopping of TTD/TPD benefits must be correct with other forms on file with the SCWCC. and the Form 19 must either be signed by the Claimant or proof provided to the SCWCC that the Claimant was notified of the Form 19 filing (thus the carrier must include this proof with the Form 19 filing). If the claim is denied, a letter to Claimant must be sent with the Form 19 noting why the claim is being denied. If the claim is being closed because of MMI without any impairment rating, the MMI report must be sent with the Form 19 to Claimant noting the claim is being closed based on MMI without any impairment. Remember, unless the Claimant is represented, no permanent disability award or settlement can be paid to Claimant without a Commissioner’s approval from a hearing or settlement approval conference.

Appealing a Fine:

You can appeal a fine. You must show the Commission that either the form was properly submitted or that the form was not due.

When forms are submitted by email, an automatic reply will be received. This is proof the form was submitted but it is not proof the form was approved by the SCWCC. Keep a copy of this automatic reply to prove the form was submitted.

Directions on how to appeal a fine: Fines and Penalties | Workers’ Compensation Commission (