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Insurance Defense Firm Willson Jones Carter & Baxley, P.A. Reviews Informal Conference Services

GREENVILLE, SC Did you know we offer informal conference services?

We handle informal conferences on a flat rate basis. Informal conferences are an option for claim resolution when the claimant has reached MMI, has received an impairment rating, and the only issue to be decided is the amount of permanent partial disability owed. In order to request an informal conference, you can email the commission at [email protected]. Let them know that you would like a conference and how much medical has been paid in the claim to date (you can also attach the Form 18 to the email).

Once the informal conference is set, we will need a copy of the conference notice, the Form 14B, the final medical note, the surgery note, the Form 20 and authority to settle the matter on a Form 16A agreement.

Informal Conferences are being handled telephonically right now due to Covid, so we also need a copy of the Claimant’s Drivers License and Phone number. On the scheduled informal conference date, the claims mediator, Greg Line will discuss the injuries involved with the claimant. He will confirm that medical bills and mileage have been paid. We will make a settlement offer based on the authority given, and if the offer is accepted, the matter is settled on a Form 16A agreement. Upon approval of the Form 16A, we will provide it to the carrier and close our file. We are happy to handle any failed informal conferences, if they need any further litigation.

To access our informal conference worksheet, you can go to additional resources listed under the Calculators tab.

Want additional information on informal conferences? Contact Chelsea Burton at [email protected] or 864.527.3290.